Flotation Suits – Not Just for Keeping You Warm!

1MC2A2N07A flotation suit is not just a piece of clothing to keep you warm, but also a safety device. Many of us enjoy the sport of sea fishing but tend to forget the dangers of the water. Wearing a garment when fishing, such as a flotation suit will increase your chances of survival if the unthinkable does happen.

A flotation suit is made to be highly visible and tend to be made in bright luminous colours such as yellow, red, blue or green. Most good suits will also have reflective strips incorporated into either the arms, shoulders, and legs, or a combination of all three. This gives you the best chance of being found quickly if you do fall into the sea. Checkout immersionsuits.info to get a list of the best flotation suits.

There are many regulations regarding flotation suits, two of the most common are: EN 393 & ISO 15027-1

EN 393 means that the suit is certified as a flotation suit – the test in which the suit must pass to achieve this is a buoyancy test. All suits with a buoyancy of over 50 Newton’s can be classed as a flotation suit. meaning in simple terms they will keep you floating on the surface.


Fun and Safe Pool Floatation Devices for Children

Each and every child is unique. If you are a pool owner with children you will know just what I am talking about. Almost all kids enjoy playing in the water with their floaties, but not every child likes the same kind. Fortunately, there is a wide variety of unique floats available that will satisfy any child’s imagination.

Of course, the most common floaties are the doughnut shaped ones. Because of their shape, they are referred to as swim rings, pool rings, or fun tubes. They serve multiple purposes very easily and are the cheapest floaties on the market. The rings are great fun, whether using them for diving or just floating around, even in a small pool. Some of the newest swim rings have built in water guns so kids can gleefully squirt each other while playing in the pool.

No matter how old you are, pool noodles are a lot of fun. These noodles which are shaped into long, bendable tubes of foam material can be used as loungers, water swords, building blocks, or anything else you may think of. These noodles can be ridden around by children like seahorses or converted into special rafts by bending and shaping. But at the end of the day, whatever their use, any child will enjoy hours of fun shaping, connecting, and playing with pool noodles.

2-IMG_2537Infants and very small children have their own line of specialty floaties designed specifically for their safety and enjoyment. These floaties for babies are both safe and fun! They have pocket seats and child safety bars to hold your child up, safely and securely in the seat, while letting their feet and legs float around in the water. These unique floaties come in a variety of different shapes and sizes to suit your child, from animals to automobiles. Your kid can enjoy being the queen of the lily pad or the king of the raceway with these amazing floaties. A newborns’ skin is sensitive to the elements, so all infant floaties are equipped with sun shades. Children securely cradled in the pocket seat are further protected because each section of the floatie is a separately inflated tube preventing any risk of being submerged if one section should pop or deflate for any reason. When the whole family decides to spend a hot day in the sun, it is very convenient to have infant floaties.


Types of Wakeboard Vests

Life jackets or personal flotation devices (PFDs) if you want to call it by its official name come in a variety of shapes, colors, sizes and materials. These different wakeboarding vests are made for different purposes. Some wakeboard vests are created for the simple recreational rider who just likes to get back behind the boat and wants a vest that will keep them afloat and last a while. The other end of the spectrum are the competition style wakeboard vests which are typically going to be very light weight with minimal flotation. Then you have everything in between!

Select a wakeboard vest based on your personal preference and needs, state laws and the water conditions you expect to encounter. If you are just a recreational rider then you probably want to look for a vest with plenty of padding and flotation. You won’t need a super light weight vest if you aren’t doing 360′s over the wake!


If you are a more serious wakeboard rider, you will probably want something more in the middle. There are a variety of wakeboard vests that have been created to offer a good amount of flotation while still being slim and lightweight to help you dominate that wake. Many times these vests will have extra padding in specific areas more for protection than for flotation. This extra padding comes in handy for those gnarly falls.

Whichever vest type you decide on, it is definitely a good idea to get a vest that fits so please refer to size charts for the best fit. Remember, spending a little time now can save your life later.